This is an action in court taken to establish parentage of a child born out of wedlock. The court may also set up child support, health insurance, custody and visitation arrangements for the minor child. The Swanson legal team can represent either party in a paternity action.  We can help a mother seeking to set up child support for her child, or a father seeking to establish his rights as a parent of a child born outside of wedlock.

paternity-father-sonWe believe in most children’s rights to enjoy a substantial relationship with both parents even if their parents were not married and that the root of family law is “family”.

We can help promote good, reasonable and workable parenting and support agreements which provide for a child both financially and emotionally, insuring a happier, healthier life. On the other hand, in some situations, it is not in the child’s best interest to have contact with a parent who has significant personal, emotional, psychological or criminal background problems. We can help in those situations, too.

Often we find that the worst part of a relationship breakup centers around the uncertainty of ongoing financial support and ongoing contact with the child. By providing information about Florida law, as well as early childhood stages of development, benefits of breastfeeding, availability and benefits of parenting classes for young parents, and other non-legal issues, the Swanson legal team hopes to help reassure parents. We believe that if both parents put the best interests of their child first, the parents – even though they may no longer have a close relationship with each other – can both still have a close, rewarding relationship with their child. And the child will be the one who will reap the greatest benefit from having regular financial support, and regular contact with both parents.