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In many divorces, couples are not to the point where they want to fight over every single detail. Taking the needs of the other into account is still second nature, and so discussing spousal support – sometimes called alimony – amounts begins. This is, however, often where disagreements start and the ease of an uncontested divorce is jeopardized.

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Why Spousal Support Could Be Necessary

The divorce court does not want to make your life or your spouse’s life much more difficult due to the outcome of a divorce. It is stated that whatever standard of living was established during the marriage, it should be adequately maintained for both spouses when the marriage is over. Spousal support is therefore most often necessary when one spouse made significantly more income than the other, such as a situation where one spouse stayed home to raise children or take care of the house. By rebalancing incomes to a certain extent, the court intends on rebalancing standards of living.

How Florida Calculates Alimony

Spousal support begins initially with discussions between both spouses, or perhaps their divorce attorneys if they cannot get along. If the requested spousal support amount is deemed acceptable by the other, they can sign off on it then and there and present the paperwork to the court. In this scenario, almost any amount can be offered. If an agreement cannot be made, the court will decide the alimony amount for both spouses.

  • Variables considered when the court decides spousal support include:
  • Net income of both spouses
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Age of supported spouse
  • Each party’s contributions to the marriage
  • Potential tax consequences
  • Health of each spouse

In general, alimony will increase if the marriage lasted more than 7 years, the age of the supported spouse is older than 40, and there is a great difference between both incomes.

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