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One of the most important and potentially combative topics during a divorce is how custody of your children will be divided. You and your ex will need to determine whether you will share custody, or if one parent will have sole custody. When you and your children's well-being are at stake, you deserve to work with an accomplished and understanding legal advocate. At Swanson Law Center, our collaborative family lawyers are prepared to help you peacefully navigate a complex legal process, preserving your peace of mind and your every legal right.

As we also use a paperless approach, you benefit from an e-portal, giving you access to important information, documents, and communication with our team. We offer a modern approach that is backed by decades of experience in family law.

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A Judge’s Consideration During a Child Custody Hearing

If your custody case goes to trial, we are prepared to skillfully represent you in court, where a judge will determine and issue a child custody order. When deciding on which parent receives sole custody of their children or if custody will be shared, the Florida judge will seek to determine the best interests of the child.

  • The judge looks at the following to determine child custody:
  • Health & Safety – One of the first things a Florida divorce court will review is whether either parent has placed their child in danger at any time. Is one parent known to be violent, abusive, negligent, or more? Does the parent suffer alcohol addiction or drug abuse? These factors will influence who gets custody.
  • Emotional & Developmental Needs – Children need nurturing and protection. The courts examine each parent’s ability to meet the emotional and developmental needs of their children. Were both parents actively involved in their child’s life? Can they procure guidelines and schedules that will help their kids? Will the parent offer a stable environment at home? These questions must be answered before custody is given.
  • Moral Character – Children are impressionable. Florida law provides moral fitness as one of the factors in determining custody. A person’s moral character may come into questions if they suffer from drug addiction, if they engage in illegal behavior, if they constantly have relationships with casual partners, and other factors. The court will look at how a parent’s behavior will affect the child.

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At Swanson Law Center, our Florida child custody attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. We understand how crucial it is for your children to maintain a healthy relationship with you, and how vital your children are to you. That is why we will work tirelessly on your behalf for a parenting plan you can agree on. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you will receive individualized attention and have a whole team behind your case.

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